About us

Kinderland – a city made for kids

Kinderland is a 5,000 m² scaled replica of a real city with streets, shops, theatre and its own currency. It is carefully adapted for children aged 4-14 (2-4 for Toddler’s Area) and combines entertainment and education, with over 60 real-life activities for all kids to enjoy.

Azerbaijan’s first educational entertainment park – Kinderland is like a small version of Baku. In Kinderland, kids learn by playing. Learning becomes permanent once it is experienced. We are the perfect place for kids to learn by role playing and experiencing a little, of real life.

All professions in the mini-city are tied to the brands of our partners in Kinderland - the largest brands of Azerbaijan and World companies. Here, kids from ages 4 to 14 experience more than 60 professions. They can become anything from a doctor, fireman, scientist, actor to travel agent. We are happy for this project to be meeting all the kids of Azerbaijan.

About us

Our vision

To become the most successful boutique family entertainment business in the country. To bring huge smiles to everyone who crosses our thresholds.


To provide the best and unique experience to all our customers. To acknowledge that the children are our future and deserve our absolute best. The keep kids and all the kids inside of us, happy.

Beliefs and Values

  • Always dedicated to providing the best service possible each day;
  • Using our full potential to better ourselves and everything around us;
  • Big believers in the mix of “fun & learning”;
  • Keeping it interesting and fascinating for our customers;
  • Open to communication and learning from each other;
  • Having pride and deriving fulfillment from our work;
  • Devoted to the importance of smiling;
  • Followers of the latest trends and technologies;
  • Responsible and respectful to all living things surrounding us;
  • Making sure the kid inside of us is alive and happy.